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Sell My Own Place

The Market is HOT
Don't place a limit on the price you could achieve - see how!

Sell My House

on and

Sell my house myself

Includes Up To Ten Other Sites

$329 to SELL   View Packages

$119 to RENT  View Details

  1. No More to Pay

  2. No Commission

  3. Listed Until Sold or Rented

How To Sell Your Home Privately

  • Advanced Systems Ensure All Calls and Texts go Direct to Your Phone, (Buyers don't have to call us first to get your number)

  • Email Enquiries go Direct to Your Inbox

  • Live Within Hours

  • Up to 35 photos 

  • 7 Day Service

  • List on and UNTIL SOLD

  • No Deposit Easy 5 Min Finance Available for All Selling Costs Including Renos.

  • Free Edits (Some competitors actually charge a fee for each change or open house notice)

  • Advertise on and without an agent

  • Sell Your Own Home

  • No Commission

  • Rent your home on

  • Sell My Own Place v Buy My Place

NEW!  We've partnered with ListReady

so you can choose to have

top marketing and presentation

Pay Nothing Upfront!

Advertising and Renovations

$500 up to $35,000

  • 5 Min Approval

  • No Credit Check

  • Pensioner Friendly

  • Repay When Sold


Why not use the finance to get a better result by upgrading your home to Premiere or Platinum to get on top of all others, or take all the stress out of selling by using our Agent Assist Package or Online Auction


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We Upload Sales and Rentals 7 Days 

Q. Should I advertise on both and

A. With 40% unique visitors to Domain, the answer is clearly YES!

Q. Can I sell my house myself?

A. Yes. There is no legal requirement to appoint an agent and pay a commission.

Q. Do for sale by owner homes attract as many buyers?

A. We find that many buyers prefer to deal direct with sellers.

Q. How do I sell my house privately?

A. Homes sell themselves if your price is right and you advertise online.


Don't Limit the Price You Could Achieve in this Hot Market

Online Auctions Now Available

We're delighted to announce that Australian Home Partners have teamed up with Australia's Premier Online Auction Company - Openn Negotiation, to bring you all the benefits of this amazing new way to sell for top dollars in the shortest time frame. Removes all the pressure of regular auctions and opens the bidding up to a wider range of buyers. No upfront payment needed.     Details



1. Can I sell privately on

Yes, Click Here to sell your

own home privately on and without an agent.

2. Do many owners sell privately online with

Number of Sales 1st Jan 2021 to Now





So far this year our sellers have saved $1.97m in agent's commission. 
(Average $15k per sale)