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People ask us

"Can I Sell My House Myself?"

Sell My Own Place Private Sales for 2022...

Number Of Sales 66

Total Sales Value $26,879999

Commission Saved $990,000*

*Based on average commission $15,000 

Our advanced systems ensure you get every enquiry direct by phone or email 24/7

Q. Should I advertise on Domain as well as

A. With 40% unique visitors to Domain, the answer is clearly YES!

Q. Can I sell my house myself?

A. Yes. There is no legal requirement to appoint an agent and pay a commission.

Q. When you sell your house privately do you attract as many buyers?

A. Some buyers don't like buying through agents. We find that many buyers actually prefer to deal direct with sellers.

Q. How do I sell my house privately?

A. Homes sell themselves if your price is right and you advertise on the right websites.

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