Frequently asked questions

What if SMOP doesn't have any properties in my area?

No problem at all. Your advert will appear amongst all of the other current listings for your location on the major websites, no matter which company has uploaded them.

How do I get enquiries?

Our systems are the most advanced in the industry to ensure you get every enquiry immediately. 1. Buyers/Tenants have a choice of emailing you direct to your inbox via our onforwarding system, or 2. They simply text a brief code and receive your mobile number instantly to TAP and CALL or sms you direct. (This gets around the problem our competition has in asking Buyers/Tenants to first call a 1300 number, quote a code and then write down your number to call) Buyers/Tenants can contact you 24/7. (Compare that to some main stream agents who don't answer enquiries on weekends or after hours)

Why can't I add my phone number or email address into the copy?

Because this would violate and policy and your advert would be removed without refund, and our subscription could be suspended. We manually check all new listings and subsequent edits to protect you and us from this penalty.

How do I make changes to, or remove my listing when sold?

Changes must be made on the Edit Form via the link we send you when you first list, or on the SMOP website menu. That way they go into our system correctly for processing. (Requests via email or phone do not receive the same priority and may lead to errors in processing) When you have Sold or Let your property, please advise via the Edit Form to ensure it is actioned accordingly.

Do I have to pay you any money other than the original list fee?

No. There are no other fees or commissions. Your initial fee is all you pay unless you subsequently order extras like signs etc.

I haven't received any enquiries. What is wrong?

It is a fact that there are buyers for EVERY property - regardless of position, condition or anything else. Just two things must be right to get enquiry, 'Promotion' and 'Price'. PROMOTION. You've got this nailed if your property is listed on and websites with good photos and story. If not, it is easily fixed. PRICE. If your promotion is ok, then incorrect pricing is THE REAL REASON for little or no enquiry. We are usually emotionally attached and naturally want to get as much as we can when we sell. But buyers simply want to get the best value for their dollars, and are looking at other similar properties. If your price isn't right, you won't hear from them. We strongly recommend a professionally prepared SMOP Comparitive Market Analysis, or you could obtain a registered valuers report for a reasonable fee.

It looks like DIY doesn't work. I've been on the market for a fair while now and haven't sold. Should I give it to an agent?

Please re-read FAQ 06. If you still want to hand it to an agent, then we can help through our network of selected partner agents in most areas of Australia. We will also refund your listing fee when we've sold it.